Aug 23, 2016

Software Solutions For Plumbing Professionals

Electronic Service Control

Electronic Service Control (ESCO) is a software platform targeted towards making the lives of plumbing professionals run efficiently and smoothly. The plumbing industry is filled with copious amounts of overhead costs, client specifications, tech support, troubleshooting, and emergency calls at odd hours of the night. With these areas of interests as the focal point, ESCO created a software suite that caters to the plumbing expert that wants to do their job with the utmost ease and comfort.

One of the brilliant implementations that ESCO has provided their plumbing clients is the ability to communicate in the blink of an eye. The software package comes equipped with an inbox directly targeted towards making communications with your customers that much easier. If you're familiar with email, you will soon recognize how the ESCO customer relations system works with an inbox, address, location name, and notes pertaining to each customer. This will allow full integration of customer needs, certain things to watch for on the job site, pertinent details about the property, and everything in between. Combine this will the ability to track and organize your workers from a mobile platform and you've just found a software solution for you.


JobFLEX, unlike other software solutions for plumbers on the market today, offers a free and no-obligation trial of their software in order to share and express the power that their software holds. The JobFLEX application allows better communication with your customers by creating a professional and technology based solution to their plumbing needs.

What's more, JobFLEX takes tracking costs, expenses and overhead expenditure to another level. Their framework allows plumbers to put down the pen and paper and switch to a digital medium in order to create precise and organized estimate proposals for their customers. Not only does this save time and effort, it also presents your business to the customer in the best light possible. Similarly, the system incorporates a materials list that can be updated and edited as your particular job progresses. This enables full communication with both your company and the client when the cost fluctuates as the job gets more complex.

Perhaps the most beneficial aspect of the JobFLEX software is that it aims to create an easier work life for the plumber in question. If you're tired of wasting time with expense sheets and reports, JobFLEX is your software solution.

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