Dec 4, 2012

Firefox Extension: QuickProxy

This extension allows you to enable and disable the proxyserver settings quickly in Firefox.

This extension will be useful for those who either have a direct connection and need a proxy connection to access a private LAN....or people who use anonymous proxyservers.  ;-)

The great advantage with this extension is that it places an icon in the status bar which can be clicked to switch the proxy settings on and off. The settings are pretty much simple, "Manual", "Automatic" and "Auto-detect".

Related tools:

The manual setting allows you to set the proxy server in the options screen of Firefox and automatic uses the proxy server whose values are already entered.

Nov 9, 2012

Googling Logistics – What Are People Searching For?

If you begin typing in a Google search box you get a handful of suggestions with each keystroke as Google tries to guess your intent. There are many instances where Google does a fabulous job of virtually reading a user’s mind, and other times when the failures are so comical they end up as screen captures bouncing around the world of social media. But for our purposes today, we decided to look deeper into what users actually do end up searching when they search for logistic related terms and see what we can take away from the results.


Utilizing Google’s keyword research tools and looking at exact match search queries (which limits Google’s tool to only exact instances of a keyword) we collected and parsed through hundreds of queries and assembled listings for only the most popular terms. The table below shows the estimated annual search volume on Google for these terms.

The more general the term the larger the larger the volume seems to be the rule of thumb when looking at the numbers from Google.  The most popular logistics related search is obviously the general term “logistics”. This, while not surprising, explains a truth that search marketing professionals have known for many years – volume of search does not necessarily equate to quality of visit.

For example, a logistics management company may see the volume for the term logistics and decide they should invest substantial time and resources into trying to rank out for the term “logistics” given the attractive volume. However, this term is likely very difficult to rank out for given the volume of content on the subject that already exists. Additionally, the term is so broad that it’s likely someone searching for the term “logistics” could well be doing research on the subject, seeking a definition for the term, or even looking for a job or a University with a logistics program. This is not only broad, but likely exploratory. Search professionals would look at the research above and look for opportunity that meets the criteria of 1) Likelihood to convert into a customer – and 2) Volume of search. Based on the particular company’s capabilities, the list above offers a multitude of high volume relevant options (“logistic companies”, “logistic(s) management”) as well as some high volume terms that likely will not lead to new business (“global logistics”, “what is logistics management”).

As logistics professionals, understanding how people search and the optimizing for those terms and offering content that aligns with their search intentions is vital for using the web as a tool to grow business. To do your own research, try Google’s free keyword tool here or use Bing’s comprehensive add on for Excel called Microsoft Advertising Intelligence which provides projected search volumes as well as demographic information for search terms.

About the Author
The author of this article is a contributor to viastore systems, a manufacturer of AS/RS systems, warehouse management software and conveyor systems.

Oct 18, 2012

How to Deal with Anxiety


Throughout my life I have had anxiety. Sometimes this anxiety has been a hindrance to achieving my desires in life, and sometimes it hasn't. Sometimes I have sought medication to break the cycle of anxiety, but most times in my life I have chosen to live without taking medicine for it. But since I choose to mostly live without medication, I do have an interest in behavioral modification methods for minimizing the impact of my anxiety. And one of those methods I have often seen is the idea that for 5 or 10 minutes per day, you should worry. About everything and anything that might be possible to worry. 

And then..... move on. And so I tend to do this. Whether by expressing worries about things, or complaining about things, I spend a short amount of time, most days but not all, worrying and/or complaining. Getting it out of my system, so to speak.

One of the most difficult things about the "Stay-at-home-Dad" job, for me, has been the social isolation. I have no close friends, and no close family members. I have nobody to enjoy a morning coffee with. When my daughters were younger, we didn't have any regular play groups, once my wife uprooted us for the first of two job relocations. Not having an office to work at, there is no equivalent, for me, of the water cooler.

And so I've found the practice of blogging to be my replacement water cooler. And I apologize to those that read this thinking I spend my days complaining. Because I don't, really. There are certainly some things that bother me, sometimes more so than other times. But I don't think that's abnormal. And that is something that I have learned through blogging, and reading the website blogs of others.

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Oct 1, 2012

Data Recovery for Beginners

So what exactly is data recovery for beginners? In a nutshell it means exactly what it says. If you have never stored data before let alone even know what one is then for argument sake we will consider you a beginner. There is nothing wrong with being a beginner considering we all at one point or another started off that way. As a matter of fact if you are new to storing your files, it might actually be a good thing as you will not have any preconceived notion about what your can or cannot do as a beginner.

Most often data recovery for beginner sites go into detail about setting up hardware, and so forth, but I find they stop there, and think that that is all there is. Our site will go beyond the basic of data recovery and carry the learning on through to search engine optimization, recovering files, and eventually how to retrieve all your files. It can be done but it’s not the way you probably have heard from the well known data recovery professionals.

One of the upcoming tutorials that we will put together is aimed specifically at those just beginning to store your personal files, and will go step by step on how to decide what you want to save. We will also cover the in detail server data recovery, which you can learn more about here, and retrieving your files from your smartphone in subsequent lessons, and tutorials.

So in closing don’t be shy about reading any of the data recovery articles we will post in the future. We are quite confident you will learn a lot and keep your data valuables in your possession.

Aug 22, 2012

Internet Betting Future

English: Thomas Rowlandson, brother satirist t...(Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Betting is one of the world’s most ancient pastimes. Ever since records began gamblers have wagered on the results of a vast range of events. The rise of the net has altered all this and opened up wagering to everyone. Nowadays it’s simple to bet on a tremendous variety of sportingevents for instance cricket, football, horse racing, ice hockey, and golf and never leave your home.
Originally, betting was only indulged in by the most well-to-do people. Horse racing and organized fights provided the wealthy with the chance to bet on who they thought would defeat their opponents. As the years progressed, the ordinary people began gambling on everything from card games to saloon fights. Boxing, cricket, rugby, and even soccer wagering soon became commonplace across the world.
Over time, everyday people were able to pay a visit to their neighborhood bookmaker and place wagers on various sports teams, events, and sometimes on competitions organized especially. Even the even the sports stars will bet on significant matches. Regrettably, of course, this did have many drawbacks since everybody outside densely populated areas didn’t have access to this sort of service. In addition individuals were confined to wagering on what was happening in the local area or on television or radio. With the advent of online betting, all the issues were sorted out at once. Fortunately nowadays all the info you could possibly require to bet on a sports team or person is there at the touch of a button. Payment may be easily configured to make use of your bank details, saving you having to re-enter your bank information repeatedly. The assortment of pricing levels on offer means you do not need to be singularly rich either. This means you have the chance to play regardless of what your financial limits are, and really enjoy every last match all the same. Internet betting basically made a great hobby even better and much more popular merely by allowing everyone to get involved. So just combine this convenience with the excitement of a football match and the chance of winning cash while you are enjoying yourself, and you end up with a favorite pursuit of droves of people.

May 11, 2012

OS Roundup: Looking Beyond Unix

"Selling Unix is still a viable business, usually with hardware to go with it. But rather than any of the grand old Unix names, the upstart Apple is arguably the only company expanding the Unix marketplace."